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424: Change

It’s been ages since I’ve written anything in free verse.

Tis’ a weak attempt this morning, something I’ve not done in ages! But those were remnants and memories of days of the dark childish angsty past (I’ll never want to relive ever again).

Uncetainty shrouds our minds
Whoever said life’s constant
Wheeling through our days
Things change, people change, feelings change
We grow – sideways, taller, older, more mature, wiser
Just as the mop above my Dad’s head turns salt-and-pepper

Time, the master of all our fates
I don’t want to move on
I don’t want changes
And I’m desperately grasping onto the not-so-distant past
Looking back

And it scares me how things have changed sometimes
And sometimes I wonder if the reason for change is me.
Is it me and my way of life?
Are we happy with our place in life that we don’t welcome any changes?
I’m just desperately hanging onto bits of the not-so-distant happier past.
Can we go back to that not-so-distant past?

It’s funny
But the more I stare at the word “change”
It just feels funny
How did we even learn to know of this word “change”?

– August 23, 2011


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