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435: Moving On

Lovely muffins from Lumont Chocolatier! These were a gift from a very nice student who was here on her attachment! I felt so bad because I merely gave her a slice of the fruit cake I baked! I promised her that I would bake for her before she ends her attachment and I did! But I never expected such a gift from her! Anyway, these made my day! Felt really loved, awwwww…:)




Too many shots! Foodporn! But I couldn’t resist taking photos of these six cute little babies! Too cute to be eaten!

These muffins smell really really good and chocolatey! I haven’t tried anything from Lumont yet because they look so expensive. Anyway, I can’t possibly finish them all! Super fattening! So some will go to my fellow coworkers and the rest for my family members! I’ll just have one for breakfast tomorrow and I’m thinking of the chocolate banana one. Hehe (:

Oh wells, tomorrow’s my last day at OP! 12 weeks alas! I think I might miss OP! But it’s time to move on.


One response

  1. these look amazing! im terrible at the baking part but not bad at decorating, let me know what you think!

    September 1, 2011 at 10:28 pm

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