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451: 19 September 2011

Listening to the same song on repeat, drowning in the melancholy of the song. The lyrics, the singer’s voice, the piano accompaniment just calm me as I stare into space, seemingly in my own world, watching the world go by. Sad melancholic songs just appeal to me. Funny. It may be a really sad song but it really just calms me, it’s as if all my worries and troubles are set free. I like to escape or run away from sticky issues in my life but I’m trying hard not to now. But when I’m listening to that song, it feels like a great relief from the current state of my life. I’m so addicted to my phone and my earpiece now. Other than when I’m at work, I’m usually plugged in. At night, I listen until I fall asleep on the bed only to awaken in the early hours of the morning to find the music still playing. Music just calms me and when I’m plugged in, it’s a haven, an escape.

This weekend was good. It has been a while since I stayed in at home, doing things I used to enjoy. After work on Saturday, I went home and went for a run right before dinner. The run cleared my mind off many troubling matters and I outdid myself again. Somehow I like the feeling of being all drenched in perspiration after the run and feeling my heart thump quickly against my chest. I know it’s strange, people typically feel all eeky and gross after being drenched in perspiration but I feel really really good and accomplished. More runs again this weekend! If only I have more time during the weekdays as well. ): And on Sunday, it was a very impromptu decision to go cycling and I did not regret it a fair bit. I love cycling. More cycling too please (:

I’m soooo addicted to running (and cycling) now! I want more! (: Hmm I so want to watch Johnny English Reborn too! It’s been some time since I had a good laugh! (:

I know this blog is getting boring with me lamenting and whining and being all bluesy and emo. So here’s some colours from random shots!

Hiyashi chuka ramen I had at New Garo for Daddy’s be-early birthday dinner celebration today!


My COLOURFUL perk-me-up lunch bento for tomorrow (cold shirataki noodles, tamago, ham, carrot, shitake, edamame and japanese sesame/goma dressing), greatly inspired by the hiyashi chuka ramen for dinner today.


A really good and healthy organic Hakka Thunder Tea brown rice I had for dinner take-away one lonely weekday.


Mini chocolate cheesecakes I baked for a friend’s birthday (with a hidden surprise – my fave Girl Guides mint chocolate cookies )


Homecooked soup from my fave soup store (Cordyceps longan chicken soup)


Not the original but a convenient substitute – tau hway (soya beancurd)!


My colourful macarons (which I took 1 week + to slowly finish!) from Canele. I LOVE the fleur de sel caramel ones! I swear I’m going to try making them someday. Not going to be daunted by the many impending failures one may expect when first baking these babies!


Another colourful and healthy dinner! Purple rice ball from QQ Rice! My fillings are all vegetables-based. I can be a herbivore.


流沙包! This was just okay, at least the custard is flowy. Oh gosh I miss the ones in Hong Kong!


And lovely mini egg tarts! (:


Have you wished you could have done something otherwise or done something more?
Have you wished you could have spoken your mind or have been really honest with yourself?
Have you wished the tides of change would never pass you by?
Have you wished you could go back in time to how it was when it first began?


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