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456: Beautiful Sunday Morning!

Woke up really early today for a morning run! Love the high and the adrenaline rush and the sticky wet feel of the clothes against my skin!

Walked past someone’s house and I saw a Caucasian Daddy and his cute daughter sitting at the open balcony having their breakfast of cereals, milk, eggs and bacon, facing the greens and the glistering blue pool.

It was a very sweet scene! I want to do that too and have a simple breakfast, talking, sipping tea or coffee or reading the morning papers. A pity nobody’s awake at home at the moment! Daddy’s overseas and the other two piggies at home are probably sleeping till late in the morning (or afternoon?!) since Dad’s away!

My only consolation for breakfast is the lone choco-nuts scone I got yesterday from Four Leaves. Warmed up with a spread of raspberry jam and it’s good to go for breakfast, with a nice cup of fresh milk (:


It’s a beautiful start to a Sunday! I’m feeling good from the run! Have a gooooood Sunday everyone! (: (:


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