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463: A Typical Saturday!

Just a typical Saturday today! It’s October already!

Woke up early today, headed to work early as always! I’m always an hour early for work! Hadn’t realised that it’s Saturday today and traffic was ultra good. So I had more time to bum around before work. For some reason, I love the hospital on a Saturday morning. Everyone feels not-quite-awake yet. It’s probably cause’ everyone’s in a weekend mode.

Work on a Saturday was good. I had time to do my stuff, catch up on some work and do some readings. Dilly-dallied, fiddled with my documents in my laptop, did some random food surfing, fiddled with my notes and casenotes before leaving the hospital at around 2 plus! Decided to head down to town to roam around alone for a teeny tiny while. I couldn’t resist the beautiful display of macarons at TWG Tea Salon at the basement food hall of Takashimaya. They were so beauuuuutifuuuul! So exquisite looking! And I read from many food blogs that the macarons at TWG were pretty good. So I got a box of six! I’m spending money unnecessarily on food again. Anyway, this box of 6 macarons will last me for a week or two. It’s too pricey and exquisite to gulp them down all at one shot. Got to savour them slowly! The last time my box of Canele macaroons lasted me two weeks!

Anyway, I got two earl grey with chocolate (the brown ones), napoleon black tea with caramel (the black one), 1837 black tea with blackcurrant (dark pink), moroccan mint tea (white) and bain de rose tea (light pink). I should have gotten another different flavour to try instead of getting two earl grey ones! Oh wells, I wasn’t thinking right then! Never mind, another time.

I want to get down to baking macarons/macaroons soon! Mark my words! (:

And after the little town adventure, I headed home before heading out right away for a run! I’ve been craving for a run soooo badly. So I had to make sure I run! I feel good. Oh yeah! (: I’m going running again tomorrow!

Didn’t feel like going out with the parents and the uncle and aunties for dinner so I decided to stay home with sis. She cooked her usual hiyashi chukka ramen with her same old favourite flowy egg and edamame. So boring! I decided to cook myself some good old homemade pumpkin soup. Hot homemade soup warms my soul (:

Digged out some leftover pumpkin and baby carrots from the fridge. Boiled the pumpkin and carrots until soft before blending them in the blender with some good chicken stock. Added extra virgin olive oil to the pan and caramelised some onions and garlic. Throw in the onions and garlic into the blender and blend until slightly viscous and homogeneous. Transfer the blended mixture into a pot and stir until it bubbles and boils. Meanwhile, add in herbs and spices as you wish. I added in some black pepper, oregano flakes and rosemary leaves. Once it bubbles and boils, it’s ready to be served. Add a dash of dried basil on the soup and tah-dah! It’s good to eat! (:

Warms my soul and makes me a happy girl (: This crazy girl is off to bake some tall dried apricots scones (for breakfasts for the next few days) now before retiring off with some episodes of The Big Bang Theory and perhaps, some work. Alright, maybe no work. Saturday will be a R&R day and I’m NOT doing any work today! The work shall wait. Tomorrow it shall be (:

Tata (:



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