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464: Dried Apricots and Currants Scones

As promised, I baked some dried apricots and currants scones, using the recipe adapted from a blog, Treats. The scones are so tall and pretty! These are one of the tallest and prettiest scones I’ve baked! OMG I cannot wait to eat them for breakfast tomorrow! Imagine them warm or hot with strawberry or raspbery jam spread in between the scone layers! These are going to be breakfast for the next few days! Yay so happy because I’m so productive today.

Okay! Now it’s time for some episodes of The Big Bang Theory before I call it a day! (:

The recipe from Treats. I pretty much just had dried apricots and currants in 1:1 ratio to make up 3/4 cups for the scones. Otherwise, I followed really closely to the recipe.


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