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470: Throw Me A Rope!

So throw me a rope to hold me in place

I like KT Tunstall. This is one of my favourites – “Throw Me A Rope”, complete with cute animations and all (just like the Snow Patrol one)! Ah, it’s a beauuutifuuuul Sunday! Love the early morning, it was really awesome today at 6plus AM. I know I’m CRAZY! People choose to sleep in on their weekends but I’m waking up at the usual time as I do when I prepare for work on weekdays! Call me crazy and silly but I’m doing great, thank you! Anyway, it had rained the night before and it was such a cool cool Sunday early morning to run in! It felt like Korea in Spring!

Oh gosh, I want to travel travel travel travel travel. I’m permanently stuck here in Singapore, rooted here it seems. Everyone’s been somewhere, done something great elsewhere, having a life out there. But I’m stuck here. I’m the constant as I always joke with my close friends. They’ve stepped foot onto the grounds of Europe (imagine my dreamy Greece or laid-back Scotland or the beautiful Czech or Austria), America, New Zealand and ventured to places I haven’t been to ever in my life. I’ve a close friend who’s going to London soon for a workshop her employer is going to sponsor her for. And it’s only going to be her one of many overseas trips! I’m so terribly envious! Well well well, I’ve accepted that I’m the constant after all these years. Till then, my Greece or Prague or Vienna or West End or Broadway shall have to wait. (:

Good day, folks! Study time for me! (:

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