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471: Weekend Food Update!

Run, run, run, run.

My favourite kind of ♥ Sunday breakfast is just simply milk-soaked cornflakes! And they have to be Nestle brand cornflakes. Nestle cornflakes are so much tastier and crunchier than Kellogg’s. And post-breakfast, I baked a mini heart-shaped chocolate cheesecake for a friend’s early birthday surprise, using the recipe from one of my new recipe books. It’s quite a great recipe. (: And I’m using my heart-shaped springform pan for the first time. Yays so happy because it turned out pretty!

And  I cooked myself an early lunch today before I “Antoinette” for early dinner. As usual, I’m always tasked to clear the food in the fridge to make space for fresher ingredients that the parents bought this morning. Sighh I’m always helping them clear their ‘leftovers’. Anyway, there were two tiny slices of salmon that have been lying around in the freezer for some time and a broccoli that Mummy didn’t cook and it’s turning slightly greenish-yellow.

So I just prepared a pan-fried basil salmon with a bed of steamed broccoli. The salmon was just simply marinated with sea salt, black pepper and some dried basil. And then I pan-fried the salmon, skin-side up. Haha I love panfrying my salmon skin-side up because you get this ultra crunchy and crispy salmon skin after that.  ♥!


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