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476: Corrinne May’s Beautiful Life

Was surprised that Corrinne May is back in Singapore just today (Wednesday) for the 10th birthday of Esplanade! Saw the news through her email and fb update just today and she performed at the Esplanade just this evening at 8pm! I had wanted to attend but I have too much work to do! Oh wells, I’ve missed it ):. She performed a new song! Saw the email update that she’s in the midst of recording her new album and that means her new album is going to be out soon! YAY I’m very excited! I’ve been waiting for 4 years for her new album! Her last album was in 2007, when I was in Year 1 in Uni! I remember attending her concert at UCC back then and I was the first few who got her album first hand (even before they hit the stores). We even stayed back to meet her after the concert and I got her exclusive signature on my album! Exciting (:

I love Corrinne May! She’s an amazing singer-songwriter and an amazing person in real life! I’ve got a huge feeling she’ll be back in Singapore for a concert when her next album is due. And for sure, if I’ve no other commitments then, I’ll definitely go for her concert even if I can’t get anyone to go with me! I’ve been to two of her sold-out concerts (coinciding with the release of her 2nd and 3rd album) with one of my currently UK-based secondary school classmates. That friend was the one who first introduced me to Corrinne May in 2003 and that was before Corrinne May became famous. Since then, the both of us have been her fans! It’s been 8, coming to 9 years (wow)!

Anyway, I can’t help but searched on youtube for a video for this evening’s performance and I found it! Thank goodness for technology. The new song is called “Beautiful Life” and the style of the song is very her. Love it! I listen to Corrinne May when I’m feeling down and out because her songs are very therapeutic and uplifting! Her songs are just so positive and down-to-earth and they speak VOLUMES to me.

Yay I’m so excited! (:


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