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481: Here We Go, Come With Me, There’s a World Out There That We Should See

I am so glad that the ‘food critic’ (my sis) at home loved the Baileys ice-cream a lot. She’s crazy cause’ she kept praising the ice-cream and told me that I can open “Island Creamery” or “Udders” already. Maybe I should consider opening an ice-cream cafe and experiment on different ice-cream flavours! Haha! It sounds like a very crazy idea at this moment in time!!! But I quite agree that this is one of my most successful ice-cream textures thus far, I really like the smoothness and the creamy texture. Haha (: Yay so happy!

Today is the first day of my two week long attachment at a new institution. It’s pretty fun meeting my classmates and having lunch together. And it’s really surreal travelling such a long distance to work (a single trip alone is about 1.5 hours, travelling to and fro takes 3 hours/day) and walking from the train station to the hospital. Cause’ in the morning, you’ll notice that the bulk of people are walking in the opposite direction as you are (they are probably on the way to the train station), while you are walking straight INTO the neighbourhood. I quite like it. It’s strangely surreal (: Hehe I’m mad.

Anyway, my first day there and I quite like it. For once, I’m seeing “normal” patients. Not women and not kids. I kind of miss dealing with all my cardiac, renal drugs and all the adult dosings. There’s no unlabelled uses or paeds adjusted dosing to remember. Haha! I realise that I quite like challenges. It started me thinking if I should have gone into a general hospital right from the beginning. Somehow, in my current institution, I find that things are getting boring. Or perhaps, because I haven’t been rotated into inpatient yet. Soon. In 4 weeks’ time and I’ll spend the rest of my training (another 4.5 months) in onco and inpatient. As much as I like dealing with kids (and I’m thinking of paeds onco too), my future is still pretty undecided. But I’ll just go with an open mind! There’s still time to find my way and find an area that I really like. After all, everything’s still undecided. I do know that a senior (out of the batch of 13) from the current institution I am in now actually didn’t choose to stay on and she’s currently in the institution I’m attached to now. I promise I’ll take time to think about it really seriously after I get through everything. It’s probably still too early to say anything for sure now! But right now…an open mind, a positive learning attitude and a bright smile that everything will be just fine. Fighting, Rina! (:

The night is still young. Back to studying for viva! I’m going to be so sleep deprived these two weeks and caffeine is just going to be my BFF. Never mind that it’s giving me the tachycardia or the eyelid twitch, I definitely need my BFF. I gave up on caffeine 2.5 months ago but I’m going to be back on it for now. At least to tide me through the viva. Haha! (: Fighting!

Love this song! And the various covers! (:

Rocketeer by Far East Movement

Nicest thing (: Terribly madly badly.


2 responses

  1. yl

    Are you going to be doc? 🙂

    October 19, 2011 at 9:20 am

    • iamrina

      Haha! Hmm not exactly (:

      October 20, 2011 at 11:04 pm

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