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483: A Secret Garden of Cupcakes

The title of this post is silly. Oh well, an ultra quick one today! Am so loving the new updated WordPress app on Iphone!

Baked some mini vanilla beans cupcakes with strawberry-vanilla cream cheese frosting during the weekend. Was bored out from studying plus there were people to help eat them! Baked 8 and kept only 2 for me and sis! The other 6 went to the cupcake and icing monsters! The vanilla bean cupcakes were really moist and soft! Love this recipe! I love seeing the specks of the vanilla bean in the cupcake!



Was my first time using my new piping tips too and it was great fun! Cannot wait to play with my full set of 24 tips again. My macaroons/macarons await me too.

Secret Garden songs for the night! I love Secret Garden since my secondary school days. “Song from a Secret Garden” happens to be my favourite song! There is something about the sound of the violin that I really like. I like the sad sad sound of the violin. I like sad songs! I love this song in particular! (:


Hmm lately, haven’t been having much peace at home even after a tiring day at work or during the weekends. Frequent clashes with the mum over many trivial issues that I’m too tired to even explain my side of the story. I realised I’ve been very snappish lately too. Must be the hormones! Hmm!

Crazy, I’m looking forward to waking up early in the morning every day at 5 plus! Because I’m always looking forward to my favourite meal of the day – breakfast! It’s nothing fancy, really! But I just love (mega love) eating cereal (cereal of the week is Kellogg’s Special K and Alpen No Sugar Swiss Muesli mix) with my favourite Pura fresh milk! I seriously think I am mad. I AM MAD! IF ONLY I can eat cereal with milk for lunch and dinner too! (:

Yay! Cannot wait for the public holiday on Wednesday! “Run and study” day! So happy that I have more time this week to run too! Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Finally taking some leave to study (:


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