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485: Just Being Me

Joy is, in my own simple terms…

A state of mind where I am at peace with myself, not letting others affect me, not bothering about what others may think of me, doing things I love, away from all the unhappy things in the world. It’s a little bubble I build around myself to surround myself with all the self-made happiness in the world.

It’s strolling along the aisles of Kinokuniya or the supermarket in floaty bouncy steps browsing through books or reading off nutrition labels of food produce. It’s biting off mouths of my cheese taiyaki for dinner, not being bothered by the weird stares I may garner. It’s having a good bowl of my favourite comfort food. It’s playing with my baking tools in the kitchen to bake up some delectable goodies. It’s racing through the tracks for my weekly runs in the cold early mornings and feeling all motivated thereafter. It’s listening to nice music on the (empty) bus or train on the way to and from work. It’s snuggling comfortably and safely under the blanket before turning into bed. It’s seeing packages in the mail, much to the horrors of my mum.

It’s just very simple. It’s just me being at peace with myself. It’s the joy of being alone and doing things you love.

It’s just being me, just being Rina.

Aleph by Paulo Coelho – checked! (:
One Day by David Nicholls – checked! (:

Happy! I’ve finally decided that I need to read something else besides my journal papers and my references and my books and my notes and my guidelines. I guess there’s no harm just sparing half to an hour of my time before bedtime reading a few pages of the books! There’s more to life than work and pre-reg is not my “whole” life.


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