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495: My Week in Photos!

Terribly busy and tiring week! Ended my vivas! Yays I passed my oral viva! There were failures! The rest have been complaining about the oral viva since it ended and all of them couldn’t sleep well after that. I was wondering if there was seriously something wrong with me then because I was the only one not grumbling or complaining about it. In fact, I told them it was okay! They were all looking at me strangely haha! My easiest reply was to ask them to ignore me because I am often living in my own world! Hahahaha! (: oh well, glad it ended well. Now awaiting the results of the written viva, pray hard!

There have been consecutive nights when I fell asleep at the desk or on the bed only to realise that I left the lights and the laptop on when I woke up suddenly at 4am in the morning. I’m back to sleeping on the bus home from work. Really couldn’t help it but I was unknowingly tired although I tried to remain chirpy and energetic the whole day! I almost missed my bus-stop today, thank goodness I woke up in time cause I am usually jolted awake when I realise subconsciously that I am nodding off!

Just some random photos to sum up my week. So glad for the public holiday on Monday! I need to run! Even though I was so physically tired today, I woke up super early to run. OMG I am crazy!

Cute chocolate bear cookie! (:


Had cheese portobello sandwich at TCC for post-viva celebrations with my friends! Quite nice because I love portobello mushrooms and there were sauteed onions with teriyaki sauce! The bread was some turkish bread that was nicely toasted so yums (:


Food at the workplace is getting kind of boring although ironically, I haven’t tried many yet since I am always bringing food from home to cheer myself up! But this was a healthy menu from the foodcourt. I love it that at the foodcourt at my workplace, they have healthy menus at each stall. I tried the grilled chicken with purple wheat noodle miso soup! It was nice! The noodles are the Koka brand instant purple wheat noodles that I like! The miso soup with japanese kelp is just simple comfort food.


And this is my favourite Mr Bean tuna pancake! I love the cheese one as well! I think the auntie who mans the store probably knows me already since I usually buy just a tuna and a cheese pancake for my lunch! It’s so convenient since there’s Mr Bean almost everywhere and at my workplace! I wasn’t a huge fan of their pancakes until I started work here! Haha! Anyway the japanese name for the pancakes are imagawayaki! The fish-shaped ones are called taiyaki, they have good cheese (and many other flavoured) taiyaki sold at the food hall of Takashimaya.


This is my dinner for today! Toasted mini pita with hummus spread, cheese
and sweet chilli with lime salmon flakes! Easy peasy and my happy comfort food! (:


And this is pita again! But this time round, it’s pita sandwich with hummus and cucumber, with a banana and baked cashew nuts for one weekday lunch!


OOooooh, fresh cranberries! We rarely get to see fresh cranberries in Singapore cause they are usually the dried ones we get! But fresh cranberries are SO sour, omg!


One fine weekday, we ventured out to the police station next door for lunch! Had really cheap and good Malay food! As usual, after ordering, I then realised that I am going vegetarian again. Haha! Habit already! The veggies just appeal to me more! And I love tempeh! (:


Daddy bought two boxes of thai sticky mango rice from Bangkok last week and I only stole a few bites. Because before I knew it, they were ALL gone! The horrors!


And I miss the yummy popiah with the special chilli sauce at an eatery in the place where I had a short external attachment! Had this for lunch for quite a few days! I am missing this but it’s so far from my place ):



BAZINGA! Season 3 DVDs of The Big Bang Theory! And my two most favourite childhood cartoons of them all – Beauty and the Beast and Anastasia! I can watch them again and again and again. They have lovely soundtracks as well! (:


And this is SO adorable I have to share! I LOVE Totoro! Someone in Taiwan dressed up as Totoro for Halloween this year! Soooooo cute! It’s just like the scene in the movie! LOVE ❤


My Aleph and One Day! I need to find time to read this amidst all the stacks of notes and papers that are screaming for me to read them!


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