really random posts about food, eating well and healthy, my life, chocolates and dramas!

497: Japanese Inspired Eggs Benedict

This is so simple and gorgeous! Would so love to try this someday! I love eggs benedict with the ultra-fattening hollandaise sauce! It’s so rich and sinful, it should be just an occasional indulgence. But this japanese inspired version has a rice patty and salmon fillet. Me like! (: I’ll get down to making one of those traditional eggs benedict and this japanese inspired version someday. When I’m out of this healthy lifestyle thing or when I feel like to(:

Aside, I got a new pair of running shoes! My current pair has been giving me problems recently since I started running quite a fair bit. It has survived multiple “fall-outs” and “glue-d” many a times before a part of the sole gave way AGAIN today and I decided that it’s time for a new pair. Looking back, I’ve realised that this current pair has been with me since 2006! 6 years, amazing! It’s time for a new pair and it’s pink. Haha!


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