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498: Little Adventure (:

Surprise surprise! I surprise myself sometimes. I’m going to do something I haven’t done my whole life tomorrow. It’s nothing spectacular or special. In fact, it’s pretty normal to some people. But it’s the long weekend and I have been cooped up at home all weekend. It’s time for some tiny adventures out of the house, to do things I haven’t done before. It’s time to be ‘rebellious’ for once and do things my young self haven’t done her whole life. I’m so ‘brave’, haha!

I am looking forward to my MONDAY tomorrow. The Monday with no blues, although I cannot say for sure about Tuesday. It’s running in the morning with my new pink running shoes (yays eggcited!) and then, more reading up for the intensive breast cancer discussion this week. Then it’s out and about in the late afternoon for my tiny secret adventure! Eggciting!!! (:

Hint hint. Nice songs ♥



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