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500: Purple Rice Onigiri and Chocolate Banana Cake!

Had a purple rice onigiri filled with tuna flakes, cucumber strips, carrot strips and egg and topped with furikake for early lunch! They are shaped pretty funny! But they are just fat and cute very filling globs of rice! I am not a huge fan of rice because I would very much prefer my carbs in the form of bread or noodles. But the purple rice is just too cute to resist (:



And I had my moist chocolate banana cake for breakfast! I really really like this recipe because the chocolate cake was omg-so-moist and totally not dry (like some other chocolate cakes sold outside)! This is my current favourite moist chocolate cake recipe! It was sooo good but I had to limit myself to at most two thin slices of these for breakfast! The banana slices rock too! I love chocolate and bananas together! So basically after heating up the cake in the microwave, it’s just warm awesome yumminess! I bet it will go well warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream (or better still, banana ice-cream)!


Yays I am very eggcited about my ‘tiny’ adventure later! Cannot wait (beams)! (:

On a side note, this is my 500th nonsensical post on this humble blog of mine! I sometimes wonder who reads this terribly written nonsensical blog of mine. I’ve had 8000+ views within a short span of 3 months. Whoever reads this humble blog of mine, I hope I’m not boring you out with my incoherent nonsense! (:


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