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503: Awesome-ness

Haven’t found the time to watch Season 3 of Glee and I want to to do it soon, if I have the time! But this is pure awesome stuff from Glee, an Adele mashup by Mercedes and Santana!


And songs from West Side Story too. I remember that back in secondary school, I used to play duets on the piano with my piano teacher and “Tonight” and “America” were two songs we used to play and practise. Those were the tiresome but fun days ): Love the Glee versions!


A great cover of Coldplay’s Fix You!


And because it’s nearing the end of the year already! SERIOUSLY, I think time flies. I guess I’ve lost track of time. Ever since work started, I’ve only been counting the weeks gone by. It didn’t strike me that it’s almost Mid-November (approximately a month to Christmas) until I start seeing the supermarkets stocking up on Christmas goodies (gorgeous Christmas themed chocolates, cookies, puddings and fruit cakes!). Yay Christmas, my favourite holiday of the year! I hope I have mine this year (:


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