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507: A blast!

A terrific start to a brand new rotation! Was thrown out to do bedside dispensing right on the first day of work and I really don’t mind, seriously. I’m finally kept busy! It feels good having meaningful things to do after the “freezing” stint in TPN lab, the “sedentary” stint in DI and the “administrative” stint in store. And I must thank the stars for giving me a nice P buddy in my current rotation.

Things are looking good thus far and I cannot wait to start doing things proper and start all the clinical work. It’s still the first week (and supposedly the honeymoon period) but I’m looking forward to work tomorrow already. I hope tomorrow will be as good as today, and if not better. And definitely, I’m hoping that the following weeks will be a blast as well!

Lalalalalalaaaa it’s great being busy once again, it keeps your mind from wandering off and worrying unnecessarily! (:


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