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511: That’s why we know that it’s all worth it

Amidst all the craziness/confusion/mess that’s going on in my life right at this moment, it feel so good to just let go and have fun with my favourite girls. I cannot imagine that we can have so much to talk about each and every time we meet up. Plus, one of “us” was back from Melbourne for a short one week annual holiday, we only get to meet her once a year! Time with my favourite girls is never enough. We laughed so much, my tummy ached and I was so flushed I thought I was running a fever. I would gladly trade all the time in the world just to spend time with all the favourite people in my life. This weekend is going to be crazy because I’ve so much work to do (my poor poor Sunday) but it’s all worth it.

Had awesome company and awesome food to go along with. I love scones and I finally tried The Tea Party’s scones. The Tea Party at Sixth Avenue has been around for ages (since my secondary school days) but yesterday was only my first time there. It’s just a simple place to hang out in, no pretenses. A place when you can just sit around with friends to have food, talk or play some board games. But the scones are quite amazing! Sis has been telling me about the scones because they have an outlet in her school (and pretty popular, drawing long queues) and she often buys the scones as takeaways. It’s rare that my sis likes scones so it has to be good. It was quite good and they labelled themselves “Singapore’s best scones”. It could possibly be, because I haven’t tried many scones either. I could smell the warm scone from afar and the scone was really warm and buttery and perfect with strawberry jam! The scone may look ugly and simple but never underestimate this ugly baby. The best things never look pretty. It’s what matters on the inside. Oooh yummy goodness (:



Please, my dear Sunday, go by really slowly. I need you really badly.

And I need all the positivity (and all the holidays and weekends) in the world to get on with life as well. I need the constant reassurance that “everything will be just alright”. I need to stay healthy and not fall ill because I can feel the dry scratchy feeling at the back of my throat. So many needs. Haha!

I shall end off with a lovely new song by my favourite local singer, Corrinne May. “Beautiful Life” is the first song off her to-be-released-new-album. It’s a song to remind us that the simplest moments in life are what makes our lives beautiful. We all have different tales to tell but there is just something in our lives that makes us push on with life because we know that at the end of the day, everything is worth it.

You can tell I’m really excited for her new album that should be out early next year! I need to go for her concert too if she does have one because she’s such a good live singer, no?

That’s why we wake up every morning
That’s why we seek each other’s smile
That’s why we know that it’s all worth it
That’s why we hold on
We make the sacrifice

Smile, it’s a beautiful life.

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