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517: Too embarrassing

Oh dear, too embarrassing! To think we were still laughing at my friend who fell asleep on someone on the train to work last week.

I was sooooo tired just now. It’s the very first time in my entire life that I collided into the guy seated beside me! Usually, I am a light sleeper! Ever since I started work, I’ve been sleeping on buses! I don’t usually sleep on buses when I was still in uni! But lately, once I rest my eyes on the bus, I get into quite a “deep” sleep and I often lose track of where I am! I had quite a lovely sleep just now until I got jolted awake when I collided into the guy! Omg so embarrassing just now! I hope not to see that guy ever again! (:

I need to sleep early tonight!!!!!! So glad I can finally do so, since there aren’t anything important on or due tomorrow. Shall rest my brain tonight! Not TGIF tomorrow cause’ there’s work on Saturday! (:

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