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520: Things That Made My Monday Less Blue

Monday blues are a staple every start of the week. It’s the reluctance to drag oneself to work after a good day of rest at home on Sunday. Well, well, at least, Monday blues lately haven’t been too bad or bluesy. It’s probably because it’s the end of the year (December) and everyone’s kind of in a holiday mood with Christmas and all.

Things that made my Monday today less blue:

1) Boarded a really empty bus to work today because I was really early for work today. The bus was (as usual) freezing cold that I would imagine myself turning blue without a jacket. But I love empty buses and it was terribly great for sleeping the journey away!

2) We were decorating and adorning the work area with Christmas decorations in the morning (way before work started). Pretty! (:

3) The appreciative “thank-you”s from the caregivers when I do bedside counselling. I’ve learnt: smile and take your time (even though there may be people breathing down your back). If you are sincere, others will definitely appreciate it.

4) My homemade lunch! My experiment with the spiced pumpkin patty was awesome awesome awesome! I know self-praise is just so.. hmmm! But it was great considering that I dreamt out the recipe on my own and this is my first time making it! It was VERY close to my ideal pumpkin burger patty! Plus, the Gardenia mediterranean panini bread is just so lovely, herb-y and yummy!

5) Christmas is near! Have to start racking my brains over Christmas gifts. Plus, this year I’ve two gift exchange at work – one for the year end party we’re organising this Friday and another for the current rotation I’m in. Shopping for X’mas gift is fun! (:

6) Seeing a well clad salaryman in his workwear on the MRT train back home today, with a yellow checkered lunch bag in his hand. And I spied a bento box inside the lunch bag! That made me smile! It was just so cute! I can imagine that the bento must have been homemade with lots of love by his wife/girlfriend/mother that he had the courage to lug the cute lunch bag (that just didn’t fit his image) around. He must be mighty proud of it! Kind of sweet too (:

7) Listening to my emo song (Eason Chan’s Stranger Under my Skin) on repeat on my iphone (:



8) The thought that…it’s the Year End Party this Friday. The one we’ve planned for so long for! It’s a job we have to do, because we’re the newbies at work and they love throwing all the work to the pre-reg to do! Cannot wait to be ‘reindeers’ on Friday and seeing that everything that we’ve planned for go well and smoothly on that day!

9) WICKED WICKED WICKED!!! The musical I’ve been waiting for is finally in town! Have been looking forward to it for months. Cannot wait! This Saturday 10/11/2011! Very excited about it. We’re going in green.


I guess, today was pretty good. No matter how bad the day may be, I seem to be always trying to find something good out of that day to make myself happier, to make the day “not too bad”. Never overlook the simple things in life. They keep me sane. I’m on my way to leading a simple life, just me and my happy thoughts.

Anyway, is it me? But I’ve found that I’m unable to connect with some of my good friends as well as before. Is it because we have different purposes in life now? They are talking “adult”-ish topics that I’ve not thought about or that I cannot be bothered about because I don’t feel as strongly for them. Our lives now are so vastly different, with us working in different sectors. When dusk comes, they go drinking or dine out with their friends while I scurry home each day to drown myself in more readings and work. They get to travel abroad for conferences and courses while I remain here in Singapore, rooted (the constant in their lives?). Well, I like doing what I’m doing now! It’s just that it’s so hard to talk sometimes because they can never understand. They just wonder why I’m working so hard and offer their sympathy. Sighhh ): Sometimes I get so irritated by the flood of messages (where I’m eternally lost), I choose to ignore. Oh wells. My phone is vibrating continously again. Sighhh ignore.



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