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522: Wicked!

The day we’ve been waiting for was here! I was jittery and madly delirious all yesterday. The moment I stepped foot into the theatre at MBS, I was freaking out because the set was omg so freaking gorgeous! Couldn’t believe that the magic of Wicked was going to unveil right in front of my eyes!

I was practically hyperventilating and my heart was racing! The musical was just so freaking amazing! Pardon me for the lack of descriptive vocabulary because it’s just WICKED! Omg! (:

The cast was awesome awesome! It’s the Aussie cast! Last night was Suzie Mather’s opening night in Singapore because she was ill during the previews and Friday’s gala night! Lucy Durack (the original Aussie Glinda) was flown in then. So it was freaking awesome we got to see Suzie Mathers in action last night! She was so adorably cute and delivered all her punchlines with great poignancy! I really like her. Now I cannot imagine any other actress as Glinda! Jemma Rix as Elphaba is so perfect as well! Ahhhhh so in love!

The set was freaking gorgeous! The set changes were seamless! The rest of the cast was equally awesome! It wa just a wicked wicked night! Sooooo goood I want to watch again next year! And also, fly to Broadway or West End and watch! (:

They were soooooooooooo good! At curtain call, I knew I had to stand up to give them a standing ovation! We were clapping so vigorously, our palms were red with excitement! The audience last night was awesome too! Hahaha the cast was so cute too! As it was Suzie’s opening night, she was presented with a flower bouquet! I heard she hasn’t fully recovered yet but she was amazing! Haha they were so cute because we could hear them cheering behind the curtains at the end of the performance! kyaaaa sooo cute! (:

Having HUGE HUGE Wicked withdrawal symptoms now! Although terribly lack of sleep the past week, but the excitement is sustaining me! Slept at 3am last night, hyperventilating and still seizing with excitement! And woke up at 7am today, still very high and excited. Went for a run this morning with Wicked at (maximum tolerable) volume was just “shiok”! (:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I’m still freaking out with excitement! Sharing some of the photos of the evening! (:










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