really random posts about food, eating well and healthy, my life, chocolates and dramas!

545: Sunday Breakfast (:

It brings me great joy preparing food for people I love. It is terribly great fun preparing food alongside great company (:

Tau huay (chilled soya beancurd pudding) experiment was a success! Whee (:


Sunday breakfast at the request of the sister! She wanted the fluffy pancakes I made ages ago! So I made some! Round ones and cute star-shaped ones.



Sunday brekkie is served. Chocolate chip pancakes with 100% maple syrup (ohgosh never knew pure maple syrup tasted so good. no more fake maple-flavoured syrups!); chilled tau huay and a cup of beetroot juice. Filling Sunday breakfast, so light lunch (:


I love this! This speaks volume. Have I perfected them all?

five simple rules for happiness:

1. free your heart from hatred
2. free your mind from worries
3. live simply
4. give more
5. expect less



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