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559: My week in retrospect

No matter how bleak and hopeless life or the future may seem at this point in time, we live for the present. I don’t want to go and think about all the depressing stuff right now. I want to be happy! I’ve walked this Earth long enough to know that this isn’t how my life should be and is planned out for me.

I want to be happy! And I’m going to be happy! There’s more to life than this. Not going to sit there and wallow in self-pity anymore! I miss being my old happy carefree self. Plus, There are so many thing I miss. There are so many things I’ve wished I said. There are so many things I’ve wished I had done.

I love the simple things in life. Early mornings when the neighbourhood is barely awake. Weekend jogs with just me and my music blasting in my ears (I suspect I may suffer from hearing loss next time!). Night strolls along the quiet streets with the dim streetlights and the cool night breeze. The beach and the cool sea breeze, hearing and seeing the waves lap gently against the shore. Seeing the clouds move across the clear sky. Getting caught in the rain and feeling the rain against my skin.

I’m turning old soon and the figure scares me! And that fateful day actually falls on the exact same day, when it marks the end of 40 weeks of training. It’s going to be a happy day for us all and truly a day to celebrate! Haha and definitely a day for me to remember for life (:

Oh wells, it’s going to be a good week ahead. I’m pretty excited! I’m finally working the night shift next week (: I know I definitely need caffeine to sustain me through the night but I think the hospital at night is going to be a very surreal (and spooky?) experience!


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