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562: Chocolate Banana Cake

Reviving the old me, one step at a time! First up, it’s been a while since I’ve baked anything. It’s been a long while. Anhedonia, one of the signs of depression. Oh, touchwood. I have in recent weeks to months, lost the interest to do some pleasure baking. I have the ingredients all ready in the kitchen but many times, I would give up deciding to bake, after preparing all the baking utensils. Only to put them back in place after deciding against baking! If that’s not anhedonia, I don’t know what is?

Picking up the pieces one by one, slowly. First step is to start baking.

I’ve been having my favourite Carman’s Dark Chocolate Cranberry and Almond muesli bar and a banana for lunch daily lately. At the end of the week, I’ve some over-riped bananas. So what to do with over-riped bananas? Bake an old-fashioned chocolate banana cake!

This was a no-mixer, all-in-a-bowl easy recipe from The cake was unbelievably soft and moist. Oh gosh, awesome texture. The batter was awfully thin, amounting to such a awesome moist texture! And it’s healthy too because there is no butter! I used the healthy canola oil instead! And also, the usual high calcium reduced fat fresh milk!


I’m hoping this small step I make to revive the old me will make a huge difference. Rina has to be happy.

I want to catch the film “The Descendants” by George Clooney! I’ve lost touch with movies and films recently but I’ve heard about this from my friends and the reviews look awesome. Shall mark down in the calendar to remember to catch it before the film ends its run in the theatres (:


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