really random posts about food, eating well and healthy, my life, chocolates and dramas!

563: 天

Things that made (and will make) my Sunday:

1) Baked a successful chocolate banana cake in the morning
2) Found new songs (not exactly new, they’re pretty old but haven’t listened to them for ages) to listen to and one that I can really relate to right now.
3) Ran 4km around the district and then did 20 minutes of vigorous stationary cycling in the gym
4) Very motivated and on my way to completing the work I’ve set out to do for the day
5) Work on Monday only starts at 9pm!
6) Monday daytime all to myself! I’m contemplating if I should go to the nearby cinema to catch “The Descendants” in the morning! Imagine having the entire theatre to myself because it’s weekday (;
7) Going to be done with work and I want to go down to the poolside at night to chill out alone in the silence of the night with just me and my music (my current earworm)!


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