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566: Strawberry Crumble Bars

Because I was feeling so empty and helpless and down inside on a Saturday after a day of lectures, I headed home with a cup of pearl-less, 10% sugar gongcha milk green tea and strawberries to bake some strawberry crumble.

I feel strange inside me, I feel sadly empty and restless. I should be glad. I’m long done with my project report and slides after many sleepless nights and thoughts-filled days. And I managed to turn my deemed “clinically-insignificant” project around into something miraculously significant! There is much hope in this world afterall. 🙂 Learning log is almost done, short of the case reviews I have yet to do because I’m only starting my new rotation to a new section tomorrow. The only thing bugging me now is my case presentation for oncology which I have to do soon soon! But Rina can do it so no worries about it!

Made strawberry crumble just last evening! They turned out pretty and surprise surprise! The parents (even Daddy) and sis ate them for breakfast today! I used the recipe I wrote about in my previous entry!











I am so emo now. 内心的无奈无语言说!I have work later and I end at an unearthly time of 930pm. My Sunday’s gone gone gone. And then, it’s back to work on Monday morning at 9am again. SIGH emo emo emo!


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