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578: What Can I Do?

I love The Corrs.

I’m silly.

In the morning, I had this very sudden thought on the bus to work and was so excited about this “fantastic” surprise idea of mine. After work, I got down to doing it although I was already so tired and brain dead from a day of work and that crazy made-to-fail-all viva paper we sat for (it’s a tradition that they want to keep and that is to fail all who attempted the CIP paper). Oh wells, it was a battle well-fought for me because I know I’ve tried my best (:

But now, back to the silly part. I’m chickening out. I suddenly don’t have the courage to do it. Oh dear, I seriously wonder what goes through my pea-sized brain sometimes. What is wrong with me that I’m so conflicted? How? I need the courage. Should I? I want to, but now I don’t dare to. ARGHHHH ):

Alright! I’ve conquered three vivas this week and now it’s on the next one and the final one. The board exams on Monday! I’m on leave tomorrow and it’s gonna be pretty intensive for the next three days leading up to the board exam date. Rina can do it! I’m going to keep fighting on, as I have always done so.

Can’t wait for morning to arrive! I am SO addicted to running these days and I’m going to run in the morning before I start my intensive studying proper tomorrow. Intensives start officially tomorrow! All motivated and driven.

I can do it! AJA AJA FIGHTING (:


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