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583: No Time, Seriously?

Some random blogging on a Sunday morning! This was just a very random thought but it’s probably a situation I’ve encountered so many times in the past many many months. I’m not being personal here. Just something I wanted to speak out on.

So how often do we say we have no time? We’re always complaining that we lack time, that we wished that we had more than 24 hours in a day, that time would slow down.

And often, I get very irritated when someone taunts me with the incredulous look that “You have the time to do all these baking? You have the time to run?”. I have really really really high tolerance. I mean, if someone does this to me for the first time, I’ll forgive you. Because you probably don’t know me well enough, you probably don’t know how I function. I would very gladly and patiently explain to you or jokingly that yes, I bake or run because I’m stressed. That’s probably just an excuse. Because regardless of whether I’m stressed or not, I can bake or run!

But if you do this to me again, very often, I would get very very annoyed. And yes, there are situations when I felt very very irritated but being me, I wouldn’t show it openly. And yes, I don’t know if the person realizes it but my tolerance has a limit (although probably a higher limit than most people).

I mean, what’s the big deal? Yes, we have assignments to rush, presentations to rush, work to do. But what’s just sparing 30 minutes for a run, what’s just sparing an hour for baking, or what’s just sparing 30 minutes for a simple meal at the coffee shop downstairs? I mean, if you gave up just half an hour of your sleep, you can do all these? So chill down! You’ve got lots of work. I’ve got lots of work too. You’re worried. I’m worried too. But life still goes on, seriously. WORK does not equals to LIFE.

You mean when you do work, you just lock yourself up in your room for 16 hours straight not doing anything but focusing? Seriously, all of us have a limit to our attention span or to how much we can absorb so what’s with doing away with just half an hour of that time to do something to make you feel good?

There’s REALLY NO EXCUSE to saying that you have NO TIME. Because we humans make out our own time. So chill down, slow down, take a look at the world around you, don’t get overly uptight or caught up with what you’re doing. So stop giving me the look of disbelief that amidst all the craziness, I can still find time to do this. I don’t need your look of disapproval that “I’m slacking” because I am NOT. I just know how to plan my time better than you. Oh well, you should learn to.

And yes, I have the time to run, to bake and to go out for a simple lunch with the family downstairs. I’m sorry that you don’t.

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