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604: 可苦可乐

As tiring as I may sound, I think I’m loving what I’m doing right now. I can’t wait to step into my workplace at around 8am, catch up with my friends and seniors up until 830am, having our daily rollcall at 830am and then starting work proper then on. I can’t wait to see what interesting cases I have in my ward every day and what I can do to help! Somehow, I know people prefer quiet days but I think it gets kind of boring. Anyway, work has been good thus far. The seniors are all very willing and glad to help when I do need any help. We learn together 🙂

Right now, the only thing going well so far (cross fingers) is work. I’m praying hard that this Sunday will be good because I’m working this Sunday and there’s only two P in CIP then. Plus, I’m a newly registered P so I’m really new to all these! It’s just me and another of my senior whom I’ve honestly never worked with before in OP. Everyone think he’s weird which I kind of agree. Okay, cross fingers! 🙂

I’ve been listening to 南拳妈妈 quite a fair bit lately. I LOVE their songs! Today’s song will be 可苦可乐.

Love this part of the song.






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