really random posts about food, eating well and healthy, my life, chocolates and dramas!

616: Time in a Bottle

It’s pretty amazing that this silly blog of mine is being read by people from all around the world, from the different continents. And the number of all-time views is a heartening figure as well. Hello whoever you are, wherever you are!

Things, answers are being slowly revealed. I feel terribly bad. I feel terrible. I am such a horrible person. I should just say how I feel but I’m so wishy-washy. I am such a terrible person, aren’t I?

Anyway, I prepared this for lunch today. It’s black pepper soy chicken and red/green peppers stir-fry Pickled cucumber salad and an orange. Hehe I mean bento making is all about speed and making food healthy and presentable. I JUST cut the chicken, peppers, minced the ginger, stir-fried the dish with plenty of black pepper; cleaned up the kitchen and packed them into the vacuum flask in a mere 15 minutes. Talk about speed 🙂



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