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619: Thankful :)

I’m addicted to work. It’s funny but I never thought that I would say that I love what I’m doing right now. I love it. Had my first ‘task’ as the official genetics and metabolic P and it’s awesome because the consultant that I’m following and learning from really trusted my decisions. I was really stressed all of yesterday because we were trying all means (resorting to even emailing the Duke University based authors of a journal paper) to find answers, solutions and to come up with a plan. I went to see the little girl in the HD ward 5 hours into her infusion and I was really really glad that she did so well. I am so thankful. I really love what I’m doing now. I may be lacking in many ways because I’m still young and may not have as much experience as all my other seniors but I’m still learning. Slow and steady! The best part about today is learning that the little girl is doing fine and well. Thank you to the Gods above us (although I may be a free thinker).

Anyway, I’m all motivated. I’ve finally signed up for a gym fitness package. Been contemplating and we tried a week of trial at True Fitness last week but the branches are pretty inconvenient and the packages were kind of pricey. So tagged along with one of my senior to California Fitness and I signed up yesterday! They have two branches near work so we’ll just go down after work. The packages are pretty reasonable. I’m going down at least three times a week for classes and to use the gym. So fun, the four of us are working together and we are officially gym buddies! Went for pilates yesterday and it was quite an experience. Had body combat today for the second time and I think I would still prefer body combat but I’m definitely open to pilates again (of course). Going for zumba and hatha yoga tomorrow! Yeah! Exercise is addictive just as work is addictive as well.


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  1. Hey this is a very nice blog. Nice picture by the way…like the once called…’feast for the soul’…

    May 17, 2012 at 11:14 pm

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