really random posts about food, eating well and healthy, my life, chocolates and dramas!

625: Hola! :)

Body combat four times (sometimes five) a week, run (at least 4.5km) once a week. This is insane but I love it. Work is going well too. And the perfect excuse especially after a body combat session in town on a weekend: shopping (:

The insanity. I’m so physically tired each day but I’m kept occupied every second of the day, at least life is purposeful now. oh wells, weekends are here! Saturday is going to be a rest day with a morning run, some family time, DRAMAS and a friend’s wedding gathering in the evening. Tomorrow, it’ll be body combat and zumba! Before I emo in the evening in anticipation for emo Monday. ):

I’ve two ripe bananas from a bunch of bananas that tide me through the week. I’m thinking of baking banana streusel muffins. But I guess, I’ll have my bananas in their pure original form. Don’t feel like baking anything cause’ it means more flour, sugar and eggs. I’m just not in the baking mood today. 😦


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