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639: And before the year comes to an end :)

I’m terribly apologetic for neglecting this little space of mine for a good year. GOSH THE year is coming to an end, in 38 days! Well, well, it’s been a terrific year really. Hmmm, much much less of the fats and butter and baking and MORE of the #EatClean lifestyle with my pseudovegetarian/pescetarian meals and green smoothies! And I’ve been running more (sadly not been going to my gym since February) and going for my LAST race (my 19th this year) in two weeks’ time! OMG SCMS Full Marathon. Never never dreamt that I’ll be running this, honestly.

Operation fat-and-flabs to abs-and-fab! Hahaha 🙂

A summary of my runs in 2014 thus far 🙂

ONE. 2XU Compression Run 21.1KM – 2 March 2014. 2h 3min. My very first half marathon 🙂


TWO. X-Bionic Venus Run 5KM – 8 March 2014. 25min 31sec, my 5KM PB.



THREE. Run 350 10KM – 27 April 2014. 52 min 12 sec.


FOUR. Green Corridor 10.5KM – 18 May 2014. 1h 01sec.


FIVE. Sundown Marathon 2014 21.1KM – 31 May 2014. 2h 5min.


SIX. Pocari Sweat Run 2014 10KM – 8 June 2014. 54min 21sec.


SEVEN. Jurong Lake Run 2014 10KM – 21 June 2014. 53min 40sec.


EIGHT. Mizuno Passion Wave Run 15KM – 20 July 2014. 1h 30min.


NINE. Race Against Cancer 2014 15KM – 3 Aug 2014. 1h 26min.


TEN. Shape Run 2014 10KM – 17 Aug 2014. 52min 33sec.


ELEVEN. Army Half Marathon 2014 21.1KM – 31 Aug 2014. 2h 1min.


TWELVE. Yellow Ribbon Run 2014 10KM – 14 Sep 2014. 58min.


THIRTEEN. Straits Times Run 2014 21.1KM – 28 Sep 2014. 1h 56min. MY HALF MARATHON SUB-2 PERSONAL BEST! 🙂 ❤


FOURTEEN. Newton Challenge 2014 18KM – 26 Oct 2014. 1h 40min.


FIFTEEN. PUMA Night Run 2014 10KM – 1 Nov 2014. 52min 44sec.


SIXTEEN. SIA Charity Run 2014 10KM – 2 Nov 2014. 53min 55sec. Back-to-back craziness that weekend but rewarded with happiness, great satisfaction that we did some good and a pretty lanyard:)


SEVENTEEN. Great Eastern Women’s Run 2014 21.1KM – 9 Nov 2014. 2h 2min. Not in my best form that day and was the first time ever that I felt so dizzy (that I felt like blacking out) post-run. Hypoglycemia. 😦


EIGHTEEN. Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2014 – 23 Nov 2014. J73 storeys, 1336 steps and 226m. 14min 35sec. Never dreamt that I’ll make it. Honestly. After recovering from a bout of viral illness. But it was a breeze, surprisingly. And the view was breathtaking!


AND NOW TWO WEEKS more to the last race of 2014 for me, SCMS 42.195KM. Can’t help getting all worried and jittery:( but oh wells, going by my motto: KEEP CALM AND RUN ON.



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