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23: All Things Nice

Here’s a snapshot of the famous Mozart chocolates my classmate got for us on her trip to Salzburg (Austria) this July. It’s a haphazard shot taken in the LT before class.


And here’s the cute and lovely chocolate wassant I got from Provence at Holland Village. Back then when I was working in Holland, I would frequently drop by Provence to get my favourite milk pan and a pack of 10 wassants.


And yes, I was bored. Was left home alone this evening (due to unforseen circumstances) and had to settle dinner myself. Dinner was a simple muesli with fresh milk. But I was full after dinner and wanted to talk a walk downstairs. But somehow I ended up at Cold Storage and got some chocolate, silken tofu and plain flour. This is my 2nd tofu chocolate fudgey brownie. This time round, with 300g of silken tofu, 200gm of chocolate and 70gm of sugar. It was moist, good and unsweet. Me like:)




But I think I won’t be getting the Fortune brand silken tofu anymore. It was good that the brownie this time round didn’t have the tofu taste in it. But I prefer a slight subtle beancurd taste to it. The unicurd brand silken tofu I used the previous round was more fragrant and smelt of fresh beancurd and the brownie made with it had nice lovely tofu taste.

20: Not another sandwich

Just had my lunch. Another sandwich. 🙂 Toasted wholemeal bread with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and processed cheese slice.



And to save the embarrassment should my tummy growl later during class, this is for emergency. A slice of my tofu fudgey walnut brownie from yesterday. And a tin of Lakerol Grapefruit to share.


I’m looking forward to school. Am I? Well, today’s the first day of my third year in uni. Yes, wow! I’m old. Very old. And I’ve an afternoon lecture from 2-4pm. The first week is always slack cause there aren’t any labs or tutorials. All the activity and workload will start kicking in around Week 3 and before you know that, it’s the end of a semester. And this is how I spend my days. To school, back home, and to school again…The cycle repeats itself.

I’m looking forward to seeing a few of my close friends whom I’ve not seen in a while. And of course, dreading to see the class (as a whole) cause I get reminded of all the intense competition (that has been going on for 2 years) and the few hostile faces. But well, the thought of having to squeeze onto the bus to school and back from school sounds horrifying too.

Wish me well as I embark on my first day back to school after 3 months of holidays, work, maturation and fun. Hehe and maybe I’ll chance upon some of my ex-class/schoolmates  (the guys after 2 years of NS). Wahaha I’m 2 years their senior now. No, it’s not something to be glad about. I’m getting OLD.

19: TOFU-licious Part 2

What does lunch mean to you? A satisfying plate of fried hokkien prawn mee. A bowl of good ol’ Bak Chor Mee.

When I’m home alone and have to settle lunch all by myself, I wouldn’t care for some instant noodles. Throw in 2 slices of wholemeal bread with nice sandwich filling/topping and I’m happy.

So this time round, I used the leftover silken tofu from the walnut brownies this morning. Mashed them up and steam them for 10 minutes, together with a corn on the cob.


The corn kernels, mashed tofu and sliced processed cheese. All in one. Looks like baby’s food but it’s nutritious. The corn kernels were super super sweet.





The assembled masterpiece. Mashed silken tofu with melted cheese and sweet corn sandwich! NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS! 🙂 Some say that healthy food are not nice tasting. It’s bland and tasteless. I beg to differ. Healthy food can be yummy. It’s been 5 years since I started paying great attention to my diet. Under the influence of my parents. No fried, deep-fried food. Go steam, boil, blanch, raw… Eat your veggies, less meat, less oil, less salt, less sugar, more grains. Brown and red unpolished rice for dinner. 🙂

It’s been part of my lifestyle now. Although there are occasions when I succumb to sweet treats, desserts, fried food, outside food, fast food, but rarely now.

My sandwich today was packed full of flavour. The sweetness and crunch from the corn. The delightful beancurd taste from the mashed tofu. The lovely toasted wholemeal bread. 🙂 YUMMY, SATISFYING HEALTHY LUNCH.

18: TOFU-licious Part 1

And yes, as promised. I embarked on my baking/cooking this morning. My parents left home around 9am and I went to the Cold Storage near my place to get my silken tofu, chocolates and my strange craving, Koko Krunch.

Unicurd Tofu was on offer at 90cents. And I bought the Cadbury Duo 200gm chocolate bar which was on offer at $3.95.

First up, my Fudgy Walnut Brownies.



My gorgeous babies! Nobody would have guessed that there’s tofu in there! 180gm of wholesome and yummy silken tofu.


The Recipe comes from one of Mum’s mini cookbood “BAKED”.  “A fat reduced option to regular brownies, but they are just as moist and delicious! The secret lies in the use of silken beancurd.”

And the recipe calls for 400gm of castor sugar, and that’s a hell lot of sugar! I reduced it to 130gm of sugar and excluded the semi-sweet chocolate chips. Added 14gm more of chocolate (from 110gm to 124gm)

And it was really REALLY GOOD. The texture of the brownies was superb. The ideal brownie texture. Moist and fudgey within and a layer of crisp on top. And it smelt really good, out of the oven. I love the subtle taste of beancurd in the brownie. I could taste the tofu and it was lovely with the chocolate.

Yummy. My healthy brownie. Reduced sugar, reduced oil, protein-packed chocolate fudgey walnut brownies.

Okay, but they are still rather unhealthy. An occasional sweet treat, yes?

And I’ll update TOFU-licious Part 2 later when I’ve assembled my lunch. My mashed tofu, cheese and steamed corn sandwich. I love tofu. I love corn (oh so sweet and delightful!)

For now, my brownies, packed away. Heh:)



E’s friends who stayed over said my brownies were nice. Yays, compliments! E always gives me her cynical criticism. Her comments are always “okay lor”, nothing good comes out from her.  And Mum and Dad don’t really like sweet stuff so… I’m thankful for the compliments! I’ll make more yummy, delicious and healthy treats! Stay tuned.

17: Happy National Day, Singapore!

Happy 44th Birthday, Singapore! Happy National Day, Singapore! I just want to say that I’m really proud to be Singaporean.

Anyway, I can’t wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow, Dad and Mum will be off to JB. That means I’ll get to settle my own lunch. Whee, I can’t wait.

I have plans. I’m feeling the motivation to whip up something yummy and healthy!

I’m making my Fudgy Chocolate Brownies (with silken beancurd), the healthier version.

And for lunch, I’m thinking Cheese, Tomato and Corn Wholemeal Sandwiches.

More food pictures up tomorrow? We’ll see.

12: Ice Cream

Yes, another of my cravings was satisfied today. Chanced upon the Meiji Matcha Ice Cream (retailing at one large cup for $2.50) at the Japanese Fair at P.S. today. Had it once during the Japanese Summer Festival last year and it was really really good. Good quality matcha ice cream that is not very sweet and most importantly, the price is rather reasonable (versus Azabu Sabo’s ice cream for around $4-6)

Shared one cup with Mummy and she was really impressed as well. And she even mentioned that if we brought a cooler bag, we could have actually bought some home (that was rather unexpected from Mummy). But oh well, I’m glad Mummy liked it too.

Anyone knows where to get these in Singapore? They were even selling the Yubari melon flavoured ones just now. (OMG I love the yubari melon ice cream back in Hokkaido! I miss the ice cream back in Japan.)


I remember seeing some Japanese matcha ice cream sold in boxes of 8-9 at NTUC Fairprice Finest and it was around $9. I remember telling E & Mummy that I wanted to eat those, but I was happily ignored by the rest of the world. So I guess I’ll have to make my own way to Fairprice Finest when I’m free to get those (that is if they are still available). Crossing my fingers!

And hehe, bought another bar of chocolate today! This time round, it’s from Carrefour. It’s the Carrefour dark chocolate bar with pears! So rare to find pears in chocolates and it’s retailing for only $2.95 for a 150g bar. I love Carrefour chocolates (they are of good quality and are cheap).

For now, my fridge is well stocked with chocolates, stocked up for rainy days (and gloomy days).

Watched Yu Hui-yeol’s Sketchbook on KBS World just now. I’m loving KBS World. 🙂 There’s nice variety programmes every day (and of course, korean dramas as well). And was so surprised when Park Myung-soo and Yoo Jae-suk appeared on Sketchbook! Hahaha they are so funny! I’m so loving these 2 guys. Liked them on Muhan Dojeon (Infinity Challenge).

I’m so addicted to korean variety programmes these days. Infinity Challenge:)

You know, I was talking about challenging the SWISS ROLLS. How does matcha swiss roll with Hokkaido Azuki beans (red beans) sound? YUMM? I’m also thinking about making some FUDGY WALNUT BROWNIES! Chanced upon this cookbook of mine and it has silken beancurd in them! How rare! And they were saying that the brownies are a fat-reduced option and just as moist and delicious (cause the secret lies in silken beancurd). Sounds good right? And the amount of oil used is rather little too. I should bake soon! YES…

8: Cravings

After all the hooha, the confirmation of being diagnosed with H1N1, it’s back to the old life soon. The past 6 days have been memorable. And life will be back to where it was on Thursday, after the HQO ends.

But really, I’m much better and well already. My body has fought well.

And now, I’m having really really bad cravings. Things I want to eat so badly.

1) Chocolate. I’m thinking Cadbury’s Duo, the huge 250gm bar.

2) Waffles (Fresh waffles. I’m thinking Prima Deli’s.)

3) Scones (Homemade or Oishii’s with the ORANGE marmalade. Happy happy!)

4) Swiss Rolls (OMG I’m craving these too.)

5) Ice Cream (I’m thinking the First Choice HB’s on offer at Cold Storage. Rum and Raisin?)

6) Bakerzin’s Macarons (On offer this month! $0.90!)