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219: Sin Guan Tin Heong Peah

Uncle and Aunt bought some goodies back from Malaysia for us! And one of the goodies was this! Sin Guan Tin (SGT) Heong Peah! (: Did I mention I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of heong peah (or also, called beh teh soh) and also tau sar peah (or also, tambun biscuits)? I love love love beh teh soh/heong peah and I would usually get my fix from this store near my old place selling quite decent ones. But ever since I moved years ago, I’ve stopped this indulgence of mine.

We bought 3 bags of these – beh teh soh from Malacca weeks ago. And those were pretty good too! I like the ones we got from this confectionery along Jonker Street (I cannot remember the name!) and they actually bake theirs in-house! We bought a bag of San Shu Gong’s beh teh soh too but they just weren’t as good and crispy as the Jonker Street confectionery ones!

Uncle bought this bag of Sin Guan Tin heong peah and I learnt that this is actually quite a famous brand in Perak (?). I tried one this morning and I’m amazed. It’s just so so so delicious! It’s probably because it’s still quite fresh and it was packed airtight!

The heong peah (fragrant biscuit) is just so flaky and crispy! The flaky layers of the biscuits  are just so crispy! Love the crunch as I bit into one biscuit! And you can taste and smell the lovely sesame seeds! The inner filling is so moist and gooey! Lovely taste and fragrance of maltose and shallots – the perfect combination in a heong peah. The ones I’ve eaten the last time weren’t so gooey and chewy and moist, they were a little hard. So this heong peah was just so amazing! I love this to the max! I’m going to savour this really slowly! In our family, only Daddy and I eat this heong peah, which is definitely good! More for me 🙂

This is one of the best (alright best) heong peah/beh teh soh I’ve eaten thus far! The second being the unknown (I cannot remember the name) confectionery along Jonker Street!

An english description of heong peah (fragrant biscuits) on the packaging itself.


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