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328: Ponyo and Totoro Orgels!

I’m crazily happy today. After the last CA of my uni life (which I thought was pretty okay or perhaps I missed out something, cause’ everybody else around me were complaining about it. I sort-of knew that topic would come out, I’m hoping I wouldn’t disappoint again. Another 92.5 again, please!), I had the sudden idea to go down to get the Ponyo orgel (musical box) I wanted for the longest time.

And yes, I got it. It’s so adorable and it plays the lovely cute theme song from Ponyo!

I couldn’t resist as well. I pre-ordered the larger Totoro orgel from the store as well. It’s due to arrive from Japan in 1-2 months’ time!

You can tell I’m one of the biggest fan of Studio Ghibli’s, Hayao Miyazaki’s and Joe Hisaishi’s works! My favourite films are Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle and Ponyo. But getting those Studio Ghibli’s merchandise aren’t exactly cheap! And did I mention the regret? I was in Tokyo just two years back and noticed this Studio Ghibli merchandise store ONLY just a few minutes before the assembly time for the tour group! And as expected, I didn’t enter the shop AT ALL. Major regret! If I had known, I wouldn’t have wasted my time and would have just zoomed into that store and spent my entire hour there! Oh wells, another time. Would love to visit the Studio Ghibli museum in Japan as well:)

And so that means I’ve to start saving up money! So many things I want to get. Ipad 2! And yes, I want to get the similar larger Ponyo orgel as well! 🙂

I’m going to start my mini collection of musical boxes! (: I love musical boxes. I’ve a precious moments snow globe gift from the Aunt, a wooden grand piano one from Hokkaido and other random ones that belong to the sis or the mum (wooden carousels etc).

A youtube video with the beautiful orgels 🙂


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