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153: March the Seventh

Just made my lunch bento for tomorrow as always. I realised I only do have the time to prepare for my lunch bento on Sundays! It’s really typical. Steamed purple sweet potato and mixed vegetables (butterhead lettuce, japanese cucumber, steamed carrot and red potato), plus some japanese sesame dressing for the vegetables. And a mini Babybel Swiss Cheese (should I bring that too? I think the bento should be quite filling). Hope it’ll cheer me up tomorrow!

I’ve two tests this week! A practical test on Wednesday and an oral test for the korean module I am reading this semester! I’ve been preparing for both tests since last week and I hope I’ll be able to do well for both!

Anyway, I am feeling down and depressed. Things just aren’t going right for me, I feel. Why do “you” have to come back to haunt me again!?!? Another depressing thing will be birthdays. Birthdays should be lovely events but I’m dreading the seventeenth of March! I don’t wish to turn 22! Oh, please help me! I want to remain young!:)

Alrights, to cheer myself up tomorrow, I might drop by BPP to do some “retail therapy” after school since tomorrow is my only early school day (at 4pm or 330pm). I want to get some mung bean starch/flour, cocoa powder, Four Leaves chocolate eclair and probably some chocolates and that HK cookie tin. And things to look forward to in the mail include a sweet floral dress I bought for my birthday (haha alright, it’s just an excuse. My birthday dress!) and my two japanese eco bags are coming next week!


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