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314: meow!

I realised I’ve been posting really random posts on this blog quite a few times this week only because’ it’s the holidays (recess week). It’s ending pretty soon but I’m glad for this mini break between the semester. I can sense that upcoming weeks (all the way until the exams) are going to be jam packed with tests every week, dispensing practicals (oh no we have to physically counsel this time round!), preparation for FYP oral defense and poster presentation. Oh wells, it’s still the holidays! Thank goodness for this recess week because I can finally have some me-time. I remember recess week last semester was terrible (the worst ever) because I had to go down to lab from dawn to dusk every day.

Anyway, I just want to remind myself how happy and fortunate and blessed I am. I truly am happy. I truly am happy being who I am. In some points of life, you meet crazy people, people who try to ‘tear’ you down, people who try to make life difficult for you, people who just make others around them feel terrible. And most of the time, I choose to ignore them and lead a happy world of my own.  That’s because I know that when life gets tough, I know I have family and friends who would stand by me always, never doubting me. Love them! (: Just like how I would be willing to do anything and everything for all my loved ones as well.

I started thinking about the happy little bubble I was in back in secondary school. A JC friend of mine used to comment that we’re like “温室里的小花” and at that point of time, I didn’t quite agree with him. After going through JC and now uni, I realised that it’s pretty true. I realised that I missed those days when we used to run along the walkways and corridors, turfing, collecting all the twigs and punk, setting up the fire for outdoor cooking, practising footdrill in the basement carpark during recess time… secondary school life was so memorable, so eventful. It’s the place where I had so much fun, the best four years of my lifetime. The four years I would never forget EVER. Blessed with awesome classmates and wonderful teachers, what more can I ask for? I miss and love secondary school life.

Well, after going onto JC and uni, I realised that with age comes more responsibilities. We were not able to play and laugh as freely as we were back in secondary school. Life became really dull and mundane and our studies became our top priority. Friends became people with agenda, no longer the loyal faithful ones you can count on for anything and everything. But still, at each point of life, I’m still thankful for the close few who stood by me, for the new friends I’ve met along the way…

I’m proud to say that we’ve aged gracefully into our twenties. Here’s to many more years to come!

I truly am happy to be who I am. No one can pull me down 🙂

I shall end off with a new song from Big Bang! I’ve been waiting for Big Bang’s comeback for years and they are finally back. Their previous album was released in 2008 (with subsequent other solo projects that followed). This is my favourite track off the latest 4th mini album, entitled “Tonight”.


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