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196: Korean Finds

Dropped by Lotte Korean supermarket at Lorong Kilat today because Mum wants to buy a tub of Gochujang (Red Pepper Paste) since she ran out of Gochujang.

And we bought some korean snacks too. Was surprised to see Cled’or (or Cledor) ice-cream here! Cled’or (or Cledor) is manufactured as a premium line ice-cream under Binggrae. I love Binggrae’s Melona ice-cream! Binggrae’s Melona ice-cream and Banana Milk are two of my absolute favourites! I used to eat and drink those two EVERY DAY when I was in Korea. And I would crave for my Binggrae banana milk whenever I see the actors/actresses drinking the banana milk in dramas. But it’s rather impossible to find them in Singapore huh? Haven’t found a korean supermart that sells the Binggrae banana milk (but they do sell Melona).

Anyway, I first tried Cledor Red Carpet Cheesecake ice-cream on my return flight on Korean air two years ago. And we bought a little tub today. They were selling the blueberry ice-cream too and I just read that the blueberry one is pretty good too. Anyway, the red carpet cheesecake ice-cream is basically strawberry cheesecake ice-cream. I love the cheesecake bits in the ice-cream, delicious with slight tangy lemony taste. But I felt that the strawberry ice-cream itself was a little too sweet.

Sis was attracted to the butter waffles. We bought a small box of Crown Butter Waffles to try. I’ve tried Jules Destrooper’s and Julie’s. And my conclusion is still that Jules Destrooper’s butter waffles still rock! Crown Butter Waffles come in second because they still lack the lovely buttery taste that Jules Destrooper’s waffles have. But they were slightly better than Julie’s since I could taste a really faint butter taste (and not some eggy waffle like Julie’s).

I’m so full now. Just had a really yummy dinner at New Garo japanese restaurant. I had the Nikomi udon ($15) and it’s really yummy. I had the Nabeyaki udon the last time. I like the broth of the udon! The beef that came with the Nikomi udon was really good and tender. A really great way to warm up the soul and body on this cold wet Sunday evening. Pity I didn’t bring my phone so I wasn’t able to capture any pictures of it. Well, never mind. There’s always another time.

Alright, I am back to watching House. I stopped at Season 2 of House the last time. I am so so so so laggy! House is in its sixth season now. But, it’s never too late. I love House (:


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